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Guthy-Renker ( GUTH-ee RENG-kər) is an El Segundo-based direct-response marketing company that sells products directly to consumers through infomercials, television ads, direct mail, telemarketing, e-mail marketing, and the Internet. As of 2014, it has 8 different product groups, with an emphasis on celebrity-endorsed beauty products.

Pamela shared her demising experience, "I have been fighting Guthy Renker for 5 months - I tried to cancel my account 3 times to no avail. Finally had to cancel my credit card after two months to get them to stop charging my account despite calls every month. I called and was told there was now a zero balance but then started getting bills for $190.00 every month. I called and they basically told me TUFF S--. If you don't pay it you go to collection. THEY ARE CROOKS!"


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"All you need do, is read these comments to see a consistent theme. Then read some of the dismissive "Company Responses". And you'll get the full picture. I will say the past 2 years have probably been the worst. Management (from mid-level to senior) are extremely counterproductive. While their favoritism and discrimination is disgustingly blatant. One department's management once discussed a potential new hire right in front of their staff. Management said (verbatim), "No... he's male. We want female. And he's older... we want younger. Older employees don't take direction. We want younger and female." I can understand if they were discussing a model or some role where age and gender would be a consideration. But this was a STANDARD staff position. And their decision was clearly being driven by prejudicial stereotype. Also, I've never worked at a place where the administration actively encourages their younger, newer employees to refer to older staff with seniority as "legacy". But they do here. And this attitude is obvious company-wide. Albeit, some departments are worse than others. Non-favored employees are overworked, overburdened and constantly criticized about performance. While favored employees, as well as many mid-level and senior management, are given light workloads and sometimes disappear for hours (sometimes days) without any accountability. Non-favored employees are often forced to silently watch as their management and favored employees take all credit for their hard work on successful projects. But guess who catches blame, should a project go south? What sort of company actually allows management to use their own team as scapegoats??????? And you can just forget about advancement. I've never seen a worthy employee promoted, not once. Though, I have seen many "favorites" get advanced, based on absolutely no merit. I mean, why would you promote an employee who actually DOES the work and understands the brands, right? That's just silly. Oh, don't get me wrong. You'll be "promised" a promotion. Oh boy, will you be promised. Unfortunately, this has just created an awful "high school" culture. Where the pretty cheerleader makes the nerd to do all her homework, then she pokes fun at them in front of everyone in the cafeteria. And they wonder why employees are leaving in droves."

Former Employee - Designer says

"Not sure about other departments but if you are thinking of joining the design team, DON'T! The art directors don't know what they are doing half the time, and has a micro-management tendency to their designers. And the managers at different departments seem to have a hard time communicating with each other. The HR department seems to favor those in a higher or CEO positions. And remember you cannot be late for anything (not even one minute) because they will hold you accountable for that, unless you are a higher-up, then you can be as late as you want or even not show up."

Current Employee - Staff Accountant says

"We are sorry you feel this way. I find that disgruntled employees are the most likely to post on Glassdoor while happy employees do not post. We do take feedback seriously; so, if you have concrete suggestions, can explain what you mean about "no flexibility" or "horrible managers," please discuss with HR or with a manager you trust. But sometimes people don't fit the culture and write a bad review, that's okay -- we recognize we cannot be all things to all people. But we do try to be a responsible and fair employer."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"We're rather proud of the leaders at the company, almost all of whom have risen through the ranks from within. They have had to chart a course requiring a lot of change. Our leadership has led us to consistent year over year financial improvement (and growth in the number of employees). Based on results, we don't agree "everything is wrong" -- rather, closer to the opposite is true. Change isn't for everyone. One of the attributes our most successful employees have is being able to adapt to change."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The environment is not very collaborative or lively. For the most part, people seem to keep to themselves. Within my first week of employment at GR, another employee casually confided that in their view a lot of information and communication is hoarded among a small group of people who are “in the know”. I was also told not to expect that people would be very welcoming (i.e. they will not go out of their way to say hi or introduce themselves). Needless to say this information provided some initial red flags. That said, I wanted to give my new company the benefit of the doubt and was hopeful that perhaps this was just one employee’s experience. Unfortunately, the longer I was at Guthy Renker; the more I began to agree with this employee's sentiments. People seem really on edge and afraid to take risks or make mistakes, which seems like an engrained cultural trait. The company likes to say they’re making radical changes because they’re moving away from tv infomercials to more digital oriented marketing, however the archaic and/or lack of sensible processes to support digital initiatives really holds them back. When broached there is a defensiveness and dogmatism from middle management that this is “just the way it is”. Similarly, the departmental structures and how responsibilities are divvied up doesn’t really make sense or lead to collaborative decisions. I found that departments couldn’t seem to agree on who was responsible for what leading to a lot of turf wars, confusion and all-around frustration. There were a few times where members of various teams were openly hostile toward myself and other members of my team for our department’s historical lack of communication and transparency. I just want to note that at this point I had only been at Guthy Renker a couple weeks. The lack of leadership and support from management is probably the most negative feature of the company and likely the source for much of the above. Overall, there is a general absence of collaboration or team camaraderie, which can be disheartening. I got the impression that many of the individuals in leadership positions had little to no experience or interest in managing teams. The constant change in structure and power dynamics due to numerous re-orgs within the past few years seems to have led to anxiety amongst leadership of ultimately being replaced in the next shake up, resulting in an every man for themselves mentality, as well as a reluctance to take risks and elevate their teams or their peers."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Glassdoor will not move this review to the page of the employer/work location this is actually is about. This review is actually about one employee's experience at OceanX LLC, the Arden NC call center. OceanX is a subsidiary of Guthy-Renker, but a separate company with a separate culture. This post should not be considered reflective of the employee experience at Guthy-Renker LLC, the El Segundo CA-based multi-channel marketing company, which has no employees in NC"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Glassdoor will not move this review to the page of the employer/work location this is actually is about. This review is actually about one employee's experience at OceanX LLC, the Arden NC call center. OceanX is a subsidiary of Guthy-Renker, but a separate company with a separate culture. This post should not be considered reflective of the employee experience at Guthy-Renker LLC, the El Segundo CA-based multi-channel marketing company, which has no employees in NC"

Former Employee - Director Level says

"Guthy Renker has allowed a small group of executives and directors with dated, sexist and downright deplorable work ethic to run the culture of this company into the ground. There is no hope of improvement as good ideas and fresh perspectives are shot down in the interest of building up chosen male associates or friends of executives. This company operates under a fear culture as those who challenge the system with their new ideas are first on the chopping block for the consistent layoffs (a result of very poor management of company financials and ever declining profit margins)."

UX ANALYST (Former Employee) says

"I worked on a team of only one other female on my team. The HR department was the best part of the company, and what I mean by that is the rest of the company is disorganized and requires the buy-in of either disconnected or micromanaging supervisors, take your pick. HR department seemed niceLots of micromanaging"

QA (Former Employee) says

"Only thing good there is salary. Everybody is in panic mode there with fake smile. Too much micro manage. No time flexibility. Even if you work on weekend or till 1 am on weekday, it is not recognized. Even if your all projects are done before time or you help others is not recognized but time off for doctor's appointment becomes a big deal. Typical work hours are about 10 hrs.Salary, encourage to learn new stuff so that you can do more work life balance, management"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Overall I enjoyed my job at Guthy Renker. I enjoy a fast paced environment. Minus the shifts I wouldnt mind going back if they were open again."

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"average place to work in good product but no good managers are there long hours not much interesting environment good they consider freshers"

FoxPro Developer (Former Employee) says

"New CFO and CIO mandated to kill FoxPro and did not consider using FoxPro programmers in the new Cognos BI system."

Customer Service Rep (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for a short time. It was enjoyable. My last supervisor was not fair. I am diabetic and she brought treats and knowing I am diabetic she didn't bring any for me to enjoy. Before going to her team I was getting all green in my stats. Then going to her team my stats were in the red. She helped others with improving but when I asked for help she ignored me and told me she didn't have time."

Agent (Former Employee) says

"* answer calls and help the customer to the best of my ability* learned to never use proactive* management, not understating and not helpful*co-workers nice*most enjoyable part of my job was getting my paycheckpaycheckshort breaks"

SALES REPRESENTATIVE (Former Employee) says

"Working for Guthy Renker/Adecco did not bring satisfaction or enrichment. I was promoted while employed and it was with my consent which I thought was reasonable. As a sales representative for this large product distribution center the excitement was unpredictable which I liked, however the required time allowed spent on each customer was insufficient to handling the call with satisfaction.I The up sale of each product was fun and exciting but the work versus the rewards was unbalanced.Products rewardsEmployees not valued"

Care Sales Agent, Cosmetic Manufacturer (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed helping others find what it was they were looking for but I spent most of my calls helping those disatisfied with their product and unhappy that the company continued to send them product without notice. I enjoyed easing the customer and assuring them that I was there to help. I did not enjoy however that the customers did this by constantly using blasphemy towards the company. There was a time when a disabled woman was struggling to order product and my manager began to hassle me for taking so long to help her. I felt unappreciated due to the fact that my job was to help these clients and that also her order was HUGE and the company was making money off of it. My co-workers were incredibly supportive and always there in times of crisis or frustration with the company poilicy.helping customers, solving problems, being acknowledged as a great employeeshort breaks, unrealistic expecations when helping those with financial instability"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"There were customers that were confused about what they had payed for. Also those that were not satisfied with the product.short breaks"


"I have learned to be flexible in all areas and that change is something to be embraced and not feared. It is also important to learn to multi-task.Co-workersInsurance"

Senior Buyer (Current Employee) says

"I have learned the dynamics of Supply Chain elements as well as how to evaluate suppliers for risk management. I have been exposed to all aspects of our Sourcing Department. I work with an amazing group of people, many of which have been with the company for many years."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Wasn't a horrible place to work but DO NOT miss any days or you won't be there long. The co-workers are amazing, the systems you use are simple but often glitch, most of the customers you deal with will be fairly frustrated. Over all it's not a bad place to work."

Director - International Brand Marketing (Current Employee) says

"Typical Direct Reponse company to work for. A lot of changes in the past couple of years."

Client Account Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I did not enjoy this job, It was working in a warehouse and the pace was very fast. To many balls in the air at once. I did learn to run all types of reports and get product out."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Okay place to work. Don't like sales or sales goals. Was only a temporary job. A big plus was that in some cases, you could work from home if you met the right conditions !Flexible schedulesSales"

Accountant (Former Employee) says

"Uncollaborative atmosphere, competitive colleagues, stressful environment, no freedom to accomplish goals based on ability - must do so based on dictated methods"

Emilie Lunde Rindsø says

"Det kan ikke være rigtigt, at jeg EFTER afmeldelse af mit abonnement, skal blive opkrævet høje gebyrer for en pakke som jeg åbenbart ikke har hentet. Det sjove er, at jeg ikke på noget tidspunkt har fået af vide, at der skulle være en pakke på vej. Prøver at ringe ind til deres kundeservice i håb om at man så kan komme frem til en løsning. Men der fratager de sig alt ansvaret, og bilder mig ind, at det er Post Danmark der har begået en fejl. Har simpelt hen aldrig i hele mit liv oplevet så dårligt service, lige før at den er bedre i Aldi. I telefonen fik jeg bare at vide "det var ærgerligt" og at jeg bare var nødt til at betale den regning, sådan var det bare."

Kristian says

"Vi har også oplevet denne "automatiske" tilmelding hvor de trækker penge og sender pakker som vi ikke har bestilt, men fordi vi ikke har læst det med småt. Det er utroligt at i dagens Danmark 2014 kan få lov til at drive en sådan virksomhed. KØB ALDRIG HOS DEM. DET ENDER MED AT DE SENDER EN MASSER PAKKER OG TRÆKKER PENGE FRA JERES KONTI. HOLD FINGERENE VÆK."

Ann Bouisset says

"Min datter på 13 havde problemer med huden og ønskede at prøve en hudserie som vist på Guthy Renker i fjernsynet i Danmark sidste år. Vi bestilte cremen, men min datter var ikke tilfreds med den, men efterfølgende blev de ved med at sende til os hver måned selvom vi gjorde opmærksom på at vi ikke havde bestilt mere end én gang, det var jo ikke et abonnement det drejede sig om, og det var på ingen måde gjort klart at der var automatisk genbestilling. Jeg nægtede efterfølgende at modtage pakkerne, og ifølge forburger loven har man vel også returret på 14 dage, og jeg havde slet ikke modtaget noget. Efter at have skrevet frem og tilbage i nogen tid endte det med at de stoppede og jeg skulle blot betale forsendelsen tilbage hvilket jeg gjorde. MEN nu et helt år efter bliver jeg kontaktet af et inkasso firma, hvor advokaterne truer mig med at sende mig i RKI hvis jeg ikke betaler for 3 gange ikke afhentede varer. Det er virkeligt noget svineri! Jeg vil hvis det er nødvendigt gå til forbruger rådet med dette og eventuelt i retten, for det er ren og skær afpresning! PAS PÅ når I køber noget igennem Guthy Renker !"

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